Lucky Foods to Ensure a Good Year

Lucky Foods to Ensure a Good Year

The Chinese New Year is an opportunity to honor family and friends and enjoy some of China's traditions. Lucky colors for the year are brown, red, and purple, and lucky numbers are two and seven. Some foods are considered lucky because of the similarity of their names to other words in the language, such as the fact that the Chinese word for "orange", 橙 chéng, sounds like the world for gold, 金 jīn, or that the word for "tangerine", 柑橘 gānjú, sounds like the word for "luck", 运气 yùnqì. The bright orange color of the fruits also represents the metallic sheen of gold. Find out what other lucky foods to eat and display to ensure a prosperous and happy new year!

Lessons Learned from "Going it Raw"

Teachers I admire at my alma mater (Steve Bonzak) and in our profession-at-large (Dr. Huang and Sharon Weizenbaum) speak decisively about raw herbal medicinals as the time-tested, irreplaceable gold standard. Pioneering veteran farmers Jean Giblette and Peg Schafer emphasize that a demonstrated, steady demand by herbal clinicians for ecologically cultivated raw medicinals is imperative to the confidence North American farmers need to risk growing these specialty crops.

Kickstart Your Connection with the Holistic Community: Innovative Natural Projects to Discover

One of the drawbacks of the internet is also one of its best perks. We are constantly online, but are also able to connect to people and places never before possible. Being constantly plugged in can sometimes make us feel like we are disconnected from what’s right in front of us. Chinese medicine...


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